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Customer Reviews

Andreas Straub

hey! the shoes just came, they are great! thank you sm

Javon Yeong

I have the shoes finally!!! I love them!!! They are sooo nice

Demian Ugarte

These are from emsneakers and they are pretty nice ngl

Brian Kusi

Thanks man they finally came. I'm going to order more very soon

Kacper Patrias

Hi friend, the shoes arrived today and I love them, Excellent reps

Joshua Lum

Thank you, Parcel was received and I am very happy with it, I will definitely be buying from you again!!!!!!

Patipan Raksasin

Got them! Love them so much. Thank you. They almost match my puppy

Jacob Whiteford

The Shoes arrived Today, Everythings Perfect! Cant say anything against the Quality or the fit, just perfect!

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